Why Would We Have Seven Billion Rabbi Shimons?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is it necessary to do in order to carry out our work correctly: To sow seeds and harvest the crop, and not to cry over a dry field?

Answer: After you have checked that you have reached the right group and the right teacher, you need to go with “faith above reason.” Otherwise this egoistic mind will not let you do anything.

The problem is in this: a person arrives and seemingly agrees with everything, is ready to carry out everything, but agrees to advance in a group only with small steps, with a speed and a manner that the ego allows.

And so he will need 15 to 20 years in order to advance and attain something, if at all. For the rate of advancement is found in the area of his ego. In other words, he advances at a rate to the degree that the ego makes it possible for him and no more. To advance more rapidly is painful! He cannot, only to this limit. It is on this basis that one has to test the depths of his heart: how it fits with this path. You have reached some teacher, some group, and must clarify exactly: Is this for you? Nobody else will help you; you need to answer this question yourself. Is this truly what I have been subconsciously searching for all my life and I want only this?

Question: But in other places aren’t people also sure that this is precisely the right place?

Answer: Absolutely, each one needs to be in his place. “Just as they have different faces, so their souls are different as well”; so are their ways different too. Why don’t you ask and wonder why the whole world cannot be like Rabbi Shimon, the author of The Book of Zohar? Then there would be seven billion Rabbi Shimons in the world; what’s bad about that? But that should not be, because in a perfect Kli, no one is like another and all of them are found on different levels.

You need to check within your heart. And this is why you were given free choice: whether you will cook all your life on the back burner and nothing will be enough and you wait until they drag you to a cemetery, or you attain a perfect life.
From 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/16/13, Writings of Rabash

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