Feel The Bitterness Of The Illness While Receiving A Sweet Pill

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If people feel good in their collective, then is it possible to enter there and say, “Friends, you have a lot of contradictions and differences?”

Answer: You don’t need to say anything “directly inside.” The people need to find the problem themselves and arrive at a diagnosis where contradictions and differences, lack of trust, and other shortcomings, exist among them.

In no way should you say anything negative to them. Rather, simply suggest they hold hands, sing a song, exchange opinions, and complete each other, not challenge each other, and then, through seemingly dealing with the question from the side, the people will ultimately connect among themselves. Specifically, from the point of connection, after you elevate them a bit, in this way, you cleanse them from all kinds of Klipot. They suddenly will begin to feel themselves to be defective, inferior. However, you don’t say this to them yourself.

When they independently reach particular conclusions, you express astonishment, “Are you really like this,” and, regarding what they say, “Look at what we clarified! Such relationships exist among us!” You answer, “This cannot be. You see, you said you were okay. Then, what happens?”

So, if you say something negative, then do so only with a very small hint and only after you previously explained everything that is positive, like a doctor says to someone who is ill, “Here is a remedy for a raging virus. We found this virus in you. Take a pill and be well.”

But it is still preferred that through receiving the remedy in a sweet wrapper, they will arrive at a diagnosis themselves and discover the bitterness of the illness through a sweet capsule—which is to say, to discover their shortcomings through love, through the good, new connection between them.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 10/20/13

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