The Letter Samech Is A Sanctuary

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe letter Samech is such a beautiful letter, an attribute that saves and raises a person from the kingdom of the shells (Klipot) and gives him power, support, and confidence, a home. It is a round letter, like the womb for an embryo that provides him with shelter but cannot develop him.

It only helps a person exit the shells and acquire the attribute of Samech, which means the ability to be free of the domination of the shell, the ego. But in order to develop more, he needs to return to the egoistic forces, to the shells, and to take as much as he can correct from there, and thus grow by the correction.

It turns out that instead of being beneficial the letter Samech becomes harmful, since it’s in a person’s way of developing. It’s like a mother who loves her child very much, until she simply strangles him in her arms, holding him without letting him be independent and grow.

In order to grow there must always be two opposite forces working mutually in order to reach the goal, by the middle line. It’s impossible to manage without the letter Samech, which surrounds a person, provides him with a safe shelter, and guards him. A person hides in this attribute and can be free of the domination of the shell, the ego, and break away from it.

But what happens after he breaks free? He has nothing in this state, he cannot do anything! He must descend into the shell again and when he is protected by the forces of bestowal, continue to develop himself.

Therefore it’s impossible to create the world by the letter Samech. No letter and no attribute have the powers that can bring the world to the desirable correction. For each attribute there is an opposite attribute. This is done on purpose so that we can develop.

My matter is a desire to receive. First I have to change my intention of “in order to receive” to a neutral intention and then to “in order to bestow” by which I begin to use my desire to receive “in order to bestow.” This means that first I use my desire negatively, “in order to receive,” and then I begin to use the same desire positively, “in order to bestow.” So there have to be two opposite forces that operate on me, one against the other, and by these two forces I reach the middle line.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/27/13, The Zohar

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