The Group Of Ten Is The Key To Feeling The Upper World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can a person who takes part in the work of a physical group of ten be in a virtual group of ten at the same time?

Answer: Of course, if he has the time because in principle it does not matter in what kind of group of ten you are. When I sit among my students, I do not see faces and do not remember names, I just feel people’s energy, and this is the most important thing for me.

If I were in any group of ten, these people would not matter to me, neither their appearance nor their names because what is important is only their inner spiritual potential; this is what is felt.

That is why groups of ten will gradually dissolve as a person inside it will no longer see everyone’s image. For instance, it’s similar in married life, having lived with your wife for many years you stop noticing her physical image and perceive her mainly internally.

That is what should happen to us. And then the groups of tens will lose their physical relevance. You will be able to connect, mingle, unite in groups of twenty, of hundreds, it doesn’t matter. Uniting in groups of ten is necessary at the current stage to help us exit ourselves a little, to begin to understand how to adapt to others.

That is why we tell a person: “This is your field of work, and you have to get used to it; don’t run away!” When he understands that the group of ten for him is the key to exiting himself, to feeling the upper world, then he will have no problems, he will want to unite, interact with all the other friends.

To begin to feel the exit from himself, a person has to work in his well-organized group of ten from which he cannot run away. Whether it’s good or bad, comfortable or not, he knows that it’s his and that’s all. That is why I have clearly defined the group of ten as something sacred!

It will not be like this later. But this “later” will come only after the group of ten becomes everything for everyone, and he will understand how much it is dear to him because this is the means of exiting oneself and entering the upper world. Then a person will be able to expand his circle.
From the Virtual Lesson 6/2/13

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