There Is No Education Without Censorship

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: While designing the model of our social policy we began to think about what we can do with regards to the external informative influence of TV, newspapers etc. We have worked out several models.

One of the models is total openness, but it is not suitable since a person is easily tempted and remains, as you have said correctly, on the animal level.

The model of total secrecy doesn’t work either since “the forbidden fruit is sweet.” There is a barrier, as with the Soviet Union, the Iron Curtain, where information doesn’t seep in, etc.

The only model that could be fulfilled is having no censorship at all. But every source of information is accepted as reliable to some extent by the internal censors. A person can choose which source of information he wants to use: those which he fully trusts or those which he doesn’t. But this model didn’t work either because there is no education or teaching in it.

Answer: I believe that this model will not work because we have to build our own influence on the environment according to our teaching and education, by withdrawing from external influences.

Question: Withdrawing? But the “forbidden fruit is sweet.”

Answer: There is no “forbidden fruit,” since the perspective of my society is that there is no “forbidden fruit.” I have to withdraw since in a state of weakness I can deteriorate and ruin the whole process of my changing from an egoist to an altruist.

So there should be a system that selects good and right programs from the ones that exist today, and it should be clear and accurate. There should be a special filter, censorship.

There is no education without censorship since any form of education is under the influence of the environment. Here you are providing a person with such an environment that without censorship your efforts may be futile.

On the other hand, fewer people may enter different Internet sites and TV channels full of rubbish as a result of our intensive education and other external conditions. But we must help him; otherwise it will be ineffective, because as long as the ego is active in a person, it will obligate him to roam through all the garbage on the Internet.

We voluntarily agree to the filter. No one is forcing us, but it is one of our conditions.
From KabTV’s “The Integral World: The Formula of Integral Society,” 7/1/12

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  1. Since the heart has compassion, I feel that withdrawing is not the answer. the creator does everything for our good and pharoah throws us back in the sess pool for some lessons; however, If the mind has been continually lied to, people will believe what is said. The mind and heart must work together. They must agree with each other. When we hear, we must not judge. We must simply know this is the creator.

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