Expanding Your Soul

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does it mean “to develop the state of unity that we have passed?”

Answer: To develop a state means not to be afraid that it will disappear and at the same time to be afraid it will, to try to pull it and to try to push it away, to flirt with it, to study it. Similarly, when tasting something new, you do not swallow this piece, but want to know what it is: how much salt, pepper, and sugar it contains, what the sweetness, moisture, texture of this product is.

You want to feel who it reminds you of: your mother, your grandmother who prepared these dishes or something else for you. That is, you have to play with it, you have to produce various information records in yourself: what it looks like, what it can be compared to, how I can hold it, let it go, and return again. These states allow a person to expand his soul.

The soul is the element that contains two opposite forces: egoism and altruism. When a person has only one ego, he has no soul. One force can exist only as a point. When he starts to develop the second force and contrast it with the first one, then these two opposing forces form some volume between them.
From a Virtual Lesson 9/23/12

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  1. What is meant by volume(a thickness)? I find that they fight each other, you must continually scrutnize everything. All your actions.

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