“I Dwell Within My People”

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we combine the internality and the externality in our work correctly?

Answer: We are confused when it comes to what is really important and we run around from one end to the other. A person has to clearly decide each time what he should see as more important. It is all about the intention: Who gets the results of my exertion? This is what you should clarify.

Question: We disseminate all the time. What should be the most important thing for me here?

Answer: How to bring contentment to the Creator.

From here you can draw a whole chain of intermediate actions and intentions. How can you bring contentment to the Creator? We have to understand what He wants. He wants the correction of the vessel in order to be revealed in it. What is a corrected vessel? What is revealed in it exactly?—The Light of Hochma that is revealed in the Light of Hassadim. And all this is in the general desire.

This means that I need the general desire that is corrected by the Light of Hassadim. Then it will become the vessel in which the Light of Hochma is dressed. This is the state of Ein Sof (Infinity), of Gmar Tikkun (the end of correction).

Where can we find this desire?—In all the seven billion people in the world. Where can we find the Light of Hassadim, the internal attire?—This is me when my vessel reaches the level of Hafetz Hesed and can draw the Light of Hassadim for the whole world. Then the Creator will dress in it.

What is the role of Israel and what is the work of the nations in this process? The nations have to yearn for a good life at the level of their development, without any mysticism. Israel should provide everyone with the basic necessities. Israel gives the Light of Hassadim from itself and by that enables the Creator to reveal the Light of Hochma, which means to be revealed to everyone.

Israel can bring all the nations to the first restriction first, then to the level of Hafetz Hesed that is above the ego, and even to a state of to receive in order to bestow.

Question: Suppose I meet the head of a government as I disseminate, do I have to first build this whole chain?

Answer: It says: “I dwell within my people.” It should be within the people and not in the government. This is the law: We have to turn to the people in order to achieve correction. It is impossible to turn only to scientists, to the rich, and to the decision makers; they cannot be the support for the revelation of the Creator. The “wealth” blinds them.

Among the people we have someone to work with. We can only explain to the elite in a rational manner that it is worthwhile to establish integral education and teaching in society, because it serves their interests. We turn to every person according to his desire.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/9/12, “The Role of Israel and the World”

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