According To The Laws Of The Bubble

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Don’t we tend to put greater emphasis on actions than on intentions during the day?

Answer: All our work is based on intentions. Can we bring about real changes in the world only through actions? By disseminating our message we want to change people’s intention. We have to approach them in different ways so that they will absorb it and be inspired, and then their attitude will begin to change.

If there were a wave on which we could convey to them by mind power the knowledge about the integral world, we would do that. But on the other hand, a method that resembles hypnosis or an injection wouldn’t be effective here. People have to understand, to perceive, and to internally analyze what we bring them.

It is impossible to simply “inject” another perspective of the world into a person. He needs to consciously acquire this knowledge, without lies, confusion, or fraud. We have to create the right conditions for him, thanks to which he will reach the desired result by himself and will share our point of view. So even if there were a wave for conveying information mentally, it would only lower a person to the “inanimate” level, while we, on the contrary, have to assist his development. This is the whole problem.

So we should offer a person “food for thought” with which he will agree or argue internally until the right tools will be created in him, the “tools” that enable him to understand the situation. Today by “flowing with the stream of life” a person cannot understand and assess this flow by looking at it from the outside. He doesn’t penetrate the depth of nature in order to understand its laws; he doesn’t know himself and his environment.

We are not talking about the artificial environment people have created for themselves. In that area they are “experts,”  and many feel like a big fish in the sea. But the natural systems that move a person, society, and nature are unknown to them. We have to make that accessible for them so that they will begin to feel the essence of things, so that they will get to know the basic laws of the external nature and the essence of humanity. This is the Creator, even though it is still in an adapted corporeal form.

In the meantime, people have no idea about that. They are living their ordinary lives in an artificial net that they have woven for themselves. This is what the global processes of modernization and urbanization have brought us to. The whole world is living according to these laws today, and so we are facing very hard work: We have to spur the need for ascending in people, to lead them to the level of clarification and of a new feeling, and to guide them to the root so that under the guidance of the artificial mechanisms of civilization, they will see our natural mutual connection that penetrates all levels of nature.

By bringing a person to this thought, we bring him inside, into a totally different system about which he doesn’t know and which he hasn’t taken into account at all. He encounters a problem: He detaches himself from the artificial net and has to solve basic questions by himself: “Who am I and what am I? What is the environment, what is nature?” Here another environment is revealed to him, the system of the upper nature.

This is the reason scientists today are much closer to our message. Soon we will be so close to them that we will actually begin to speak in the same language. On the other hand, in the meantime we cannot have a real conversation with businessmen, industrialists, merchants, politicians, etc.; in their environment the laws of the market exist.

We are really facing a difficult dissemination problem. We have to understand the way a person feels the world, the picture he sees before him, the social services that he uses, his interests, etc. He is living in an artificial blown-up “bubble” and he doesn’t understand what we are talking about.

We, on the other hand, speak about the fact that man is part of nature in which there are clear and definite laws. They resent this idea, “What laws are you talking about, all the laws are written in the constitution.” And so all the problems are “solved” by legislation and adding a few more items to certain laws. This is how the artificial system by which people are hoping to change something grows.

Eventually we have reached a global crisis: Two systems, an artificial one and a natural one, are now one opposite the other. The problem is that the artificial system is beginning to break down as a whole, whereas we want to bring people to the natural system, and this is a big problem. We too are gradually going through this process, so what can we say about humanity?

So don’t hope that intentions will be enough. First, we have to enter the bubble and establish a connection with a person. We descend to his level, to his state, become part of him, and from there we begin to gradually explain that we all depend on the second natural system, on balance and on the right mutual relations with it. In addition, we have to act gently; otherwise, people will not accept our message because they only feel their bubble.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/8/12, Writings of Rabash

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  1. Do not pop their bubble, but help them to transcend it

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