Awakening Of The World

Arava Convention_2-2012The world is waiting. It doesn’t know yet, but in reality it needs it. This is why you have to get up on your feet as soon as possible and become ready for the role of the guides.

Today it is obvious that the governments are incapable of governing the world. After all, it no longer behaves according to the material laws. This period has ended.

The two worlds have become so close that the spiritual “induction” is already acting upon us from above although it’s not so clear yet. Today humanity has to awaken in the correct way and this is your task.

However, for this purpose you have to unite. I cannot set up a scream for help instead of you. Only when you really start to unite with friends more and more will you find the required tuning. The most important thing here is to glue into one whole so that everything would merge together into one. I will not do this for you since we are talking about the calibration of the common desires that are united as connected vessels.
From the Arava Convention 2/25/12, Lesson #6

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