Ascent From Point Zero

Arava Convention_2-2012Today we are writing history with our unity. Everything is happening for the first time. Because until now, generations were spiritually descending: from the revelation of the Creator to Adam through Abraham, Moses, etc, until Rabash. This overall process is called the “descent of the generations.” So for the first time in history, we find ourselves completely separated without any preparation. We begin the ascent from point zero.

The previous stage of development is completed. The descent from above downward, the descent of the worlds, Partzufim, and Sefirot, the breaking of the soul of Adam HaRishon—everything has been completed. Baal HaSulam said that we would begin the reverse journey starting in 1995.

Our state does not have examples from the past. There are no analogies to show us the way to act today. In all the past generations, there was a certain degree of illumination; there was perception and a connection with spirituality. But we are completely separated.

But on the other hand, we have a huge support from Above to begin our ascent. The entire system is helping us and relying on us. This is why parts of broken souls, which did not have any connection with the spiritual, started coming closer to this idea over the past several years and started understanding some things. This is because we make our actions correspond to spiritual actions, and thus awaken the Light.

Question: What does our generation need to do?

Answer: Understand the crisis. We are becoming acquainted with it in a spiritual way, asking the question about the meaning of life. But the entire world is experiencing it in a material way: A person is not happy with his life, and this also is a kind of a question about its meaning, but on a different level.

We all begin with this as we see that there is no answer to the crisis neither in the corporeal nor the spiritual plane. In this way, the entire humanity, divided into those directed straight to the Creator (Israel – Yashar Kel), and the nations of the world, must realize itself.

We live in a very special time, and do not understand that the Creator is literally “spoon-feeding” us. He cannot reveal Himself right away because this would destroy the entire work, this would be against Nature, and would disturb the law of balance and similarity of qualities. He will reveal Himself when we raise MAN, an appeal for correction.
From the Arava Convention 2/25/12, Lesson #6

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