Why Be Lost In The Dark?

bottom If the burden of our group mate’s heart grows heavier, we have to bring him medication: we have to do everything in our power to lift his spirits. If I feel darkness or heaviness, it means that I lack desire for spirituality. For example, let’s assume that spirituality is so important that the power of my desire for it weighs 20 pounds. All of a sudden another 20 pounds of uncorrected desire is added to it. This weighs me down and makes me unable to move. In order for me to advance, my desire towards spirituality has to become more important by that same 20 pounds. Then spirituality starts attracting me with a force of 40 pounds.

Where do I get this additional force as I certainly don’t have it within myself? I can only get it from Kabbalah books or my surroundings. I have to immediately start working on raising the importance of the spiritual goal for myself.

It is like a patient who is not completely sick yet and has to use all his healthy organs to overcome his illness. I use all my remaining strength to achieve this and by doing so I turn darkness into Light. I can quickly transition from one state to another, spiraling upwards, and advancing as a result.

It begs the question, why would I go deep into darkness and stay there for months or years, waiting for it to end on its own?

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