A Puzzle Made Of Seven Billion Parts

What's the Right Attitude To Have To This World After the breaking of the one unified soul of Adam, a new system was made out of its parts called the system of “fallen souls.” Every one of us is a part of this uncorrected system, which is intended to correct us. Initially a system of worlds (or of potential connections between us) was created. It’s as if a puzzle is placed before us which we need to put together.

Although all we see is an empty square where we need to place all the separate pieces of different shapes, each piece was originally assigned its own space and shape. And this is our task: to understand the shape and place of each piece of the puzzle.

The Upper Worlds are built in exactly the same way, like puzzles that hide one within another with all their numerous shapes. We can’t tell them apart, but they exist! The place where our souls have to rise and connect is already there, but it is hidden from us. That is why it is called “the world” (Olam), a derivative of the word “concealment” (Alama).

I have to take my piece of the “puzzle” and use my qualities correctly in order to find the place where I fit. When I do so, I will see that the rest of its parts (except me) are already in place and the puzzle is already assembled! The system is ready to accept me in my corrected form; it is called “the system of words” and it is already built. My responsibility is to fill only my one part. I don’t have to worry about the rest of the system because it is already corrected; it is called the World of Atzilut.


Looking at this picture, I see that I have to establish a connection only with the pieces adjacent to me. But my neighboring parts have to stay connected with the other parts, and those parts must, in turn, connect with the next ones. That is how I will find the right connection with all souls.

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