A Book Of Adventures

expanding A person who really aspires to spirituality will not calm down with a small attainment. He will always feel that he does not understand or know anything because he does not feel spirituality. The point in the heart is expressed precisely through this need to feel the Upper World.

You have to feel this spiritual picture inside of you. The Zohar is a book of adventures. But it’s not a book you simply read or a movie you watch on a screen. You have to enter inside The Zohar. And it’s not like entering our illusory world, but it can only be done once you get rid of all your illusions and fantasies. You don’t need special 3-D glasses to feel that you are inside this movie (like when watching a movie such as Avatar).

This demand comes from the point in the heart and it can only be increased with the help of the group. Only the group can give a person the strength needed to reach the goal in addition to his point in the heart. If he doesn’t cancel himself before the group in order to receive this force from it, then he won’t attain anything. This constitutes our mutual guarantee without which none of us would have a spiritual vessel (Kli).

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