Why Attend A Kabbalah Congress?

what2520is2520mutual2520guarantee2520in2520a2520virtuaWhy do we get together at Congresses and desire to meet each other? It’s so that in addition to seeing the teacher on the computer screen every day, we will get to know one another and unite together even more. This is the practical realization of the science of Kabbalah, and without it, a person will never attain the spiritual world.

It is impossible for people to connect if they have never seen each other and haven’t spent at least a little bit of time together. We have to understand that our world isn’t cut off from the spiritual world. It was not created “just like that,” without a purpose.

Moreover, it wasn’t by chance that people have developed so many powerful, modern means of connecting. This gives us an opportunity and an obligation to meet each other even if we are located very far from each other, in order to establish an inner, spiritual connection.

Even though it may seem to some people that there is no need to meet others and there’s nothing others can do to inspire them, we still receive inspiration from others in this form, for the time being. Therefore, it is our responsibility to attend a Kabbalah Congress if we want to advance spiritually.

Many people study from home on their own, virtually, through the Internet, and they are afraid to come to a Congress because they don’t know anyone. However, if they wish to advance, it is their responsibility to carry out the advice given to them by Kabbalists, those who have already gone through this path. I can guarantee that if a person has an opportunity to come, it means that the proper circumstances are given to him from Above. And if he chooses not to come, then he simply won’t advance.

Sometimes a person really doesn’t have an opportunity to come, like some of our students from Latin America who are dreaming of being at the Congress but cannot attend because they don’t even have the money to get on a bus and leave their village. These circumstances are also contrived for them from Above, and they have to advance in their conditions. However, if you are given an opportunity from Above to come to the Congress, then you have no excuse to refuse it if you wish to advance spiritually.

I am warning you about this so that two years down the line, people won’t complain that they’ve been studying Kabbalah for so long, yet it is still just theory for them without any attainment, perception, and revelation of the spiritual world. After all, these are the things we should expect from our studies.
(From Part 3 of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson, on Baal HaSulam’s article, “The Acting Intelligence”)

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