A Weekend Of Unity At The North American Kabbalah Congress

We have to explain to people that the wisdom of Kabbalah is a method that reveals the Creator to everyone, or in other words, it reveals the system of connections between us. Without knowing this system, we will simply perish.

Let us hope that humanity will understand that there is a solution and there is no need to “bury their heads in the sand.” Let us hope that we will succeed in the dissemination of the wisdom of Kabbalah and humanity will reveal the Creator, the global, integral system of Nature.
(Rav Michael Laitman – Daily Kabbalah Lesson 09.13.09)


Come and join your friends in Unity at the North American Kabbalah Congress, taking place in Buffalo, New York, on October 15 – 18.

All the lessons and activities during the Congress (lessons, workshops, meals, songs and cultural evenings) will focus on the subject of the connection between us. We invite you to join us on this groundbreaking journey, as we strive to build a society governed by love and friendship – a model for all the world to follow.

A full children’s program will allow your child the opportunity to experience the joy and love of Congress while making new friends in a safe, supportive and well supervised environment.

Trips to Niagara Falls will be available on Thursday, October 15th.

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