What Is The Right Way To Work With Kabbalistic Texts?

Why Does the Creator Give Us So Much Suffering In This World?A question I received: Why do Kabbalists write their books in such a way that we don’t understand anything?

My Answer: It’s not necessary for us to understand these books with our minds. They illustrate spiritual pictures, which you certainly don’t understand, like an animal that is left to admire a painting or a symphony orchestra concert, and it’s unhappy that someone is tearing it away from eating grass. Well, it’s the same with us: nothing more is required of you! If you understand your true state in respect to the spiritual state, and you desire the influence of the Light, then new feelings emerge inside you and an opportunity for a new perception arises. This is how you ascend from the “animate” degree to the “human” degree.

If we were studying a corporeal science, which is meant to be understood, then you would be right to resent the incomprehensibility of Kabbalistic texts. However, the science of Kabbalah does not enter a person through the mind. Rather, it develops a new perception inside you. You should simply desire for your studies to result in a sensation of what is described, rather than understanding. This is the meaning of the verse, “I have labored and found.”

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