The Science Of The New World

newworldThe true reality can only be seen through the quality of bestowal, which contradicts our egoistic knowledge. Our egoistic qualities depict an incorrect picture of the world to us, giving us false goals and facts opposite to the truth. People are yet to reveal how mistaken all the earthly sciences are. They will all end up “hanging in thin air,” having lost their foundation.

Right now people think that science is an indisputable truth that they can rely on. But this is only so as long as they exist inside the world’s egoistic quality.

However, as soon as one begins ascending above this world, one discovers that all the previous laws no longer apply. That’s because everything the human mind has discovered to this day are the laws of the egoistic desire. If one changes one’s desire to a desire for bestowal, then the laws will also change, as will science. One will suddenly see that the laws are no longer working: to his surprise, vinegar will start to burn the same way as alcohol. (This is an allusion to what is written in the Talmud: “He who told the oil to burn will tell the vinegar to burn.)

Of course, these changes won’t be critical, because our world will exist until the End of Correction. It’s just that in addition to this world, we will reveal new, spiritual desires, and inside them we will see new phenomena.

How did people create science? They did it inside their desire, inside themselves. People noticed that one egoistic desire is accompanied by one phenomenon, and another desire – by another. And it’s the same on every level of our world, be it still, vegetative, animate or human.

All of science is founded on such observations. For example, in mechanics I take an egoistic desire on the still level and measure which actions correspond to specific desires. In essence, this is still the Light and Kli interacting with one another.

We perform the same type of research on the still, vegetative and animate levels of nature. This is how all science arises – because man is the one researching it all!

So, as long as we exist inside one, egoistic nature, which is the still (lowest) level of desire, we will keep researching everything inside it. But if we add higher layers to it, those belonging to the desire to bestow, then our perception of the laws of nature will change.

We will reveal new phenomena in nature, and it will appear as if nature has changed. But in fact, the only thing that ever changes is our desire, and when it does, we feel other facts inside it.
(From Part 1 of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson)

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