There’s A Way Out Of Cocaine Addiction: Spiritual Fulfillment

riseIn the News (from The Independent UK):Cocaine Britain: 25 percent rise in the last year” The number of cocaine users in Britain has risen by 25 percent in a year to almost one million. Martin Barnes, the chief executive of the advice charity DrugScope, said … the price of the drug has also fallen, which has made it more popular … “Cocaine use is now at its highest level among adults since 1996, with one in eight 16 to 24 year-olds reporting [they have] used the drug.”

My Comment: Man’s nature has remained the same since ancient times: he desires only “bread and entertainment.” But drugs can replace everything, and no one has the ability to revoke them. It is a vital necessity for people to escape the emptiness of life.

However, real fulfillment is only possible by attaining the Upper Level. This is what Kabbalah offers to anyone who desires it.

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