Even “Greedy” Trees Are Perfect, Unlike Humans

beesIn the News (from New Scientist): “’Greedy’ trees still leave room for the little plants” While they might hog the bulk of the resources, trees still leave enough “crumbs” for smaller neighboring plants to eke out a living, researchers say. The finding contradicts previous notions of plant competition and adds support to a new view of how a plant’s size affects the survival and composition of its neighboring species. …plant interactions are more complex than a ruthless contest to grab resources; many plants derive an advantage by living underneath their larger and more resource-intensive neighbors.

My Comment: Everything in Nature is perfect and interconnected. We, humans, are the only exception, and because we are imperfect, we are unable even to recognize the perfection in Nature. What looks like a struggle for power to us is actually a realization of the strict laws of Nature. Only man was created imperfect, and this was done on purpose, so he would study Nature (the Creator) and reach perfection of his own accord.

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