Life Is An Ascent To The Creator

lifeThree questions I received about difficult family situations:

Question: How does one reconcile one’s past? It is a past dotted with illness all my life and “child abuse” early on, culminating with a statement at a family reunion in front of my Grandparents that my Mother wished I would have died and my brother lived. How does one rid or clear one’s thoughts of this? Am I not receiving information correctly or do I not see what is in front of me?

My Answer: You have to forgive them! This is the Creator’s way of solving yet another problem through you. This will become clear to you soon.

Question: My father left most of his money to one son, leaving the rest of us just a bit. Needless to say, this has caused much friction between us. What do you suggest I do, as my anger is building to the point that I want to ruin my brother, and I have the means to do this very easily? I don’t even care about the money; now it’s just about principle.

My Answer: You have to obey your father’s will, and your brother is not to blame for this. Don’t change anything, but just agree with it. The Creator has set up this situation for you through your father and other relatives. Instead of focusing on all the other feelings, fulfill yourself with the aspiration toward Him.

Question: I am a young man but I have already endured too many losses of my relatives who were really good people. And now my father is in the hospital waiting for a surgery after having a heart attack on my granddad’s remembrance day. On the one hand, maybe this surgery is care from Above, so that something more terrible won’t happen to him. Still, I ask myself: why was he not guarded against any trouble? How can I keep getting up and believing every time?

My Answer: Our life should not be an escape from suffering, but an ascent above the suffering in order to connect with its source: the Creator.

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  1. How do we ascend above suffering and connect to the Creator?

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