Astronomers Are Trying To Observe Whether Earth Is Habitable

perfectIn the News (from Express searching for life — on Earth” Scientists using European Space Agency’s (ESA) Venus Express are trying to observe whether Earth is habitable. Silly, you might think, when we know that Earth is richly stocked with life. In fact, far from being a pointless exercise, Venus Express is paving the way for an exciting new era in astronomy. One thing has become obvious from the study of Earth using Venus Express: determining whether a planet is habitable is not going to be easy. Although the observations may not tell us anything new about Earth, they will allow us to unveil far-off worlds, making them seem more real than simply dots of light.

My Comment: Science is not yet capable of making conclusions about life in the universe. We cannot even detect life on our planet… It’s possible only to determine whether there are certain conditions for life’s existence.

At a certain stage of man’s development, he becomes interested in the existence of life in the cosmos. However, as his attention (desire) grows, he aspires to search for that which is eternal and perfect, something higher than the corporeal, beyond the animate level of life. In other words, he aspires to the spiritual world.

At that point, the question of whether other forms of life are possible in the universe disappears, as it becomes replaced by the aspiration to attain the next level of development – the “human” level.

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