Humans Are Still A Mystery To Science

the2520intention2520of2520attaining2520the2520creator2In the News (from NewScientist):Ten things we don’t understand about humans” We belong to a remarkably quirky species. Despite our best efforts, some of our strangest foibles still defy explanation: Blushing, Laughter, Teenagers, Dreams, Altruism, Art, Superstition, Kissing, Nose-picking.

My Comment: These peculiarities are mainly caused by the beginnings of an inner quality we have, which is opposite to our current, egoistic nature. This quality is bestowal and love for others, and it can only be developed under the influence of Kabbalah studies.

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  1. I ask myself: What the Kabbalah means for the intake of Palestine and the expulsion of the Palestinian people.
    Finally, does people in the world have more of an ego than the Jews did?
    So explain me this phenomenon, the Kabbalah. Or, is the Kabbalah only for Jews?
    Despite my reservations, I remain in high esteem,


    the Netherlands

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