Restricting Children To The Physical World Through Atheism

when-will-suffering-disappearIn the News (from The Guardian):Atheist camp to give children ‘godless alternative’” An atheist summer camp for children is to be held in the UK for the first time this year, offering a “godless alternative” to similar religious events under canvas… The purpose of Camp Quest UK, which has been praised by the atheist and skeptic author Richard Dawkins, is to encourage critical thinking and provide children with a summer camp “free of religious dogma”…Camp Quest UK’s website says its counselors and volunteers will lead activities teaching eight to 17-year-olds “about science, free thought and humanist principles. Activities cover critical thinking, science, history, human rights and ethics”.

My Comment: The religious view of God as an angry or an all-forgiving persona originated from ancient human fears of Nature and our desire to safeguard and secure ourselves.

But the complete negation of a higher world (which is impossible to perceive using our egoistic desires but which we are in a position to perceive if we change our desires in the opposite direction) also restricts a person to the physical world without giving him an understanding of “science, free thought and humanist principles.”  In fact, the denial of religion gives birth to yet another religion.

Kabbalah explains that this world consists of two forces. Our world is based on the force of the will to receive. But an opposite world is possible, an anti-world, which is based on the will to bestow. Kabbalah is the method for the revelation of this other world to man.

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  1. This is very perceptive of you, and very profound. I have always felt that through the forces of nature that threaten us, earthquakes, asteroid collisions, and so forth, that God might be angry, if he exists. On the other hand, when things go well in life, I feel God is forgiving, if he exists. The various religions it would seem, have made us conform to paradigms that get in the way of the truth. But you have seen the truth with this statement of yours, transcended the paradigms and put into words something I feel I have always known, but not well enough to put into words. I am grateful for that.
    And yes, I have always felt one should not reject atheism if if they feel religious because that is erecting a wall, and how true, atheism in this form can become a religion, I think precisely because of its fanatic nature, and God knows, fanaticism has brought more misery to the world.

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