Influenced By Kabbalah Instead Of Alcohol

crisisIn the News (from The Times Online):Alcohol-related deaths up by 40% in ten years” – The number of people dying from alcohol-related causes rose by nearly 40 per cent from 5,287 in 1999 to 7,341 last year,  figures obtained by the Conservative MP James Brokenshire, a shadow Home Office minister, show.

The number of deaths among women rose by 32 per cent and among men by 43 per cent. Deaths with an underlying cause related to alcohol among people under 40 rose by 24 per cent, the figures revealed.

My Comment: Only education is able to change society and bring it to the perfect state, so that it will positively influence the economy, culture and the path of progress. I have included methods of the re-education of society according to the principals and methods of Kabbalah in my book “The Last Generation.” (available in Hebrew). There is no other path of salvation for all nations and the world.

Kabbalah does not just offer obvious natural methods such as education, but a method of self-discovery and change that is based on the structure of the Nature of the worlds and the souls. Therefore, though the actual proposal sounds trivial, it means “The Kabbalistic Education – A Person Changing Under Influence Of The Upper Light,”  which takes place exactly with “usage” of Kabbalistic texts. It is not just the studying of these texts as informational material that causes the change, but also the studying with the intention of changing one’s own qualities. In this case, a person draws onto himself the Upper Quality – the Light.

By using this method, we can change ourselves and the world for the better. All other actions lead to the growth of evil in order to come to recognize it and then subsequently to return to the method offered by Kabbalah.

The world is something that we perceive and it does not exist outside of us. It depends only on our individual inner qualities. Therefore, when I say “education” I mean the complete change of a person from the level (of comprehension) of this world to the level (of comprehension) of the spiritual (eternal, perfect) world. The manner in which a person perceives the world is the same manner in which he perceives himself. (See material about the perception of reality).

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