Finding Freedom And Balance Through The Creator

meQuestions I received concerning freedom, balance and the meaning of the Egyptian plagues.

Question: What does a free person feel?

Answer: Man’s freedom lies in being able to maintain the equilibrium in all of creation, to sustain it and balance it “standing on one foot.” On the right side of the scale is the Creator’s force of bestowal. On the left side of the scale is the Creator’s force of reception. These are direct and opposite sides; the holy and evil forces. And if a person can balance himself in between them, he is given the freedom of will from the influence of both and can thereby express his free choice.

Question: How is it possible to balance on the tip of a needle?

Answer: You have to glue yourself to the Creator, draw Him to yourself with all your might and get close to Him, as a baby to his mother. The baby loves to feel himself under her protection, and from there can boldly look onto the whole world. Or, while sitting in her arms, he can point his finger  to where he wants to go – thereby expressing his will!

This is the correct way in which a baby develops. He knows that with his mother he is safe, and that she will use all her strength and every opportunity to fulfill his desires.  This is the correct way for us to work with the Creator!

Question: What do the Egyptian plagues refer to?

Answer: This is how the Creator teaches a person to battle with his nature, while hardening it and warning man against it. He provides examples of how we can fight our egoism.

This is the Creator, saying: “Go to Pharaoh! This is what you have to do. Take Me by the hand and hold onto Me. I will also hold you, but you have to learn how to cling to Me, so that you can resist the monster, which is revealed within you through his 10 primary unclean forces. All that is required of you is to sit in My arms and desire for this monster to be vanquished. I will appease the monster according to your instructions only if you glue yourself to Me.”

If a person performs this work, it means that he has freedom of will, since in this state, he has all the conditions needed.

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  1. Thank you, again…I’m following through with the Blog Article ” The Two-Faced “I”, from where this article was referenced.

    I am so very thankful for the Light that these article bring if that is the proper way to say that! I just know that what they reveal works to my benefit. I was dealing with rejection and it has been vanquished @ this particular time, as The Creator has appeased it as I was clinging to Him and asking His help.

    Question: About Rejection An Unclean Forces, & The 7 Deadly Sins

    A.) Will rejection surface again or will another unclean force throw a blow at me?
    B.) Can I know ahead of time the “10 primary Unclean forces”?
    C.) Are the unclean forces similar to the 7 deadly sins?
    D.) Or will knowing even help?

    Thanks Ahead & Thanks for your support!

    Victoria from Augusta, Georgia USA
    Bnei Baruch Learning Center
    Kabbalah Student

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