Why Correct The World? (Advanced)

Correction Depends Only On Desire, Not Knowledge

Three questions I received on the correction of the world:

Question: Sometimes even avid followers of Kabbalah and students of Bnei Baruch have simple but “fundamental” questions they feel are necessary for further advancement and understanding. My question is: it says that the wisdom of Kabbalah can help correct the world. But why do we have to correct the world?

My Answer: It’s because the world does not exist independently of you or outside of you, but  only inside you and its existence depends on your qualities. So, by correcting the world, you correct your qualities.

Question: Correction can be brought into the world only by the people with a point in the heart, even though they are not corrected yet. Is it true that once people with a point in the heart become corrected, they will receive the quality of Bina from the Creator, which is the quality of bestowal toward the entire world, including the still, vegetative, and animate levels? The world, on the other hand, has the quality of Malchut and cannot correct itself on its own. So, the only ones who can correct the world are people with the quality of Bina, those with a point in the heart – Bnei Baruch.

My Answer: You are absolutely correct!

Question: Is there a critical mass of Kabbalah students that has to be reached in order for positive changes to take place in the world?

My Answer: You are that critical mass!

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