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hereA question I received: Since I cannot contact you directly, let me throw out some burning questions…

My Answer: I’m here for you on this blog, in direct contact with you!

Question cont’d: Do you consider Kabbalah to be a complete and absolute wisdom that cannot be supplemented by anything?

My Answer: Every person who attains Kabbalah today adds his part to it, along with the Kabbalists of the past. It works the same way in any science. However, in Kabbalah, this is done through one’s attainment by the method of correction, rather than through egoistic knowledge or theories. So, you are welcome to reveal and supplement the general picture with your own observations.

Question cont’d: Say a person has attained the full correction, but was forced to return to this world in order to complete certain tasks. Does he have to undertake the correction of the entire corrupted world once again? In other words, one’s individual correction is not final until one leaves this world?

My Answer: That’s correct.

Question cont’d: Were there any Kabbalists in the Sanhedrin aside from Kayafa? If yes, what was the percentage?

My Answer: All 120 members of the Sanhedrin were great Kabbalists who attained the Creator.

Question cont’d: Was Avesta knowledgeable in Kabbalah? If so, why did Alexander burn her, considering that all his actions were controlled by the Creator?

My Answer: The Creator governs everything. Avesta and Alexander were like robots that He controlled.

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