We Are Hardwired Into The Eternal Circuit Of Nature

you-cant-teach-anyone-through-forceA question I received: I don’t understand what’s so bad with globalization? I had a cake brought to me in America from Italy – the whole world is a small village, and isn’t that good? What’s wrong in this example with the cake?

My Answer: It’s an example of how humanity makes a calculation based on the small private profit of an individual, unmindful of the rest of Nature. Obviously, such a calculation will be incorrect, for it cannot be the case that half of humanity will gorge themselves on cake brought to them across the ocean, while the other half of humanity will starve, lacking even moldy bread. If we are talking about universal balance, equality and unity, then each person must receive only what he needs to live.

First, however, we need to reveal Nature on the global level and the Upper, universal force that conducts Nature. We must discover how we are a part of it, permeated by it, and how mutually connected we are to it in our thoughts and desires. Each one of us is like a transistor in a giant electronic circuit. We are hardwired into it! If each of us feels that we are inside Nature, inside the Creator- then we will be able to make the right calculation.

In other words, each person must first feel the desire to learn how to unite with the Creator and with the entire universe in order to make the proper calculations. First there’s adhesion, after that – calculation, and only then – action. Therefore, first and foremost we need to listen and to learn. We have already done enough damage by acting without the proper calculation.

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