Through Kabbalah, It Is Possible To Suffer With Understanding And Love

laitman_2009-05-28_8354_wQuestions I received on the Light’s influence and the difficulties experienced while studying Kabbalah:

Question: Is it possible that the Light influences us even if we are unaware of Kabbalah yet feel attracted to it? Perhaps subconsciously, previous life cycles when we intensively engaged in Kabbalah awaken in us and cause us to search for Kabbalah?

My Answer: A person’s awakening to study Kabbalah is a result of Reshimo emerging in him. Maybe it’s the first time for him, or perhaps a continuation in this life of what began before. The sequence of Reshimot are revealed one by one, leading us to Kabbalah even if we don’t know anything about it.

Question: Would the difficulties that we experience when studying Kabbalah which are brief sufferings in a condensed form, still have come to us even if we weren’t studying Kabbalah?

My Answer: Definitely. However, when we study Kabbalah we suffer, not in reality, but in the mind, and with understanding and love.

Question: The force which acts upon us, given our desire to advance spiritually, is called the “Light” because it “illuminates” the darkness, i.e. the unconscious. Then it becomes conscious?

My Answer: Yes it does, to the extent of our equivalence to it.

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