Nature Rules With Balance Over All!


A question I received: You speak of the correction of humankind. But what is happening with the correction on the vegetative and the animate levels of nature? How can they be brought to unity with the Creator?

My Answer: Man’s egoism is the sole cause of all evil. The proper interaction of man with Nature refers to man taking from Nature only what is necessary for his ordinary existence, according to his custom, but not more. Everything beyond what is needed for normal existence belongs to everyone.

This rule is similar to the connection among the parts of a living organism: the heart, the lungs, the liver, the kidneys, and all other parts of the body receive energy for their livelihood. Yet none of them consume more than necessary to exist and perform their function in the organism which is to benefit the whole.

This is also how we should behave in society – our organism. If one person consumes more than necessary, it is harmful to him as well as to everyone else. Consuming more than what’s necessary is called the ego.

We need to learn from the inanimate, vegetative, and animate levels of nature how to be in harmony with Nature on the level of the “human being.”

A person needs a family, home, work, income, vacation, pension, and insurance. However, taking anything beyond what is necessary destroys the world as this brings it out of balance with Nature. In any case, Nature will still force us to come into balance with it.

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