Children Are Their Own Best Educators

prophetAfter being around for over 200 years, modern schools are experiencing a deep crisis which has been unfolding over the last few decades. Schools must become places where the environment is enjoyable as it was in the past. The word “school” translates from ancient Greek as “leisure,” which is a pleasant way to spend time.

A person cannot develop in an environment of oppression, as it causes a person to constrict and close himself off from others.  This is precisely the environment that schools present to students today. Freedom is necessary for a child to open himself up and find his own place and purpose in the world so that he is able to make these important choices and decisions in an independent manner.

This is why we have to help our children develop without any sort of limitations. Each one has to be completely free inwardly and educated by society. Children will naturally educate each other within the group to which they belong, and the group will take care of those that are its members.  The role of teachers is to organize the group.  Society will monitor the groups, since society creates order and will not allow any person or group to do whatever he pleases, as each and every one will want to be a member of that society.

According to the science of Kabbalah, this is the most favorable method of societal organization that is conducive to the correct human development. Under such conditions, the presence of parents, teachers and other adults should not be noticeable and should not be felt by the children. This method will give each child the best opportunity to develop himself to his own potential.

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