There Is A Way To Circumvent Death

drugs1When a person approaches midlife, he begins gradually “sliding down” to death. One does not die in an instant just as one does not become an adult immediately. His candle – the egoistic desire that burns in him – fades away gradually.

Until the age of 40-45, one thinks that his whole life is in front of him and that he will be able to fulfill himself. But at the age of 40, one grows disappointed and sees that it’s pointless waiting for big changes to happen in his life. And this is how he begins dwindling.

One’s egoistic desire becomes more and more submissive, accepting of what it has, until the desire to advance disappears completely. Thus, it dies. So it’s not our body that dies, but our desire to go on, which grows weaker.

Is there anything we can do about this? Everyone is looking for ways to live longer. But why do people want this – isn’t there enough suffering for us? Do we want to suffer for 140 years instead of 70? We want this because we are more scared of death than of losing something in this life.

However, if a person is in a society that engages in spiritual development, the society gives him energy and a desire to advance. Thus, he always feels like a child who has many desires. And besides his egoism, he develops a new desire – to bestow. This desire always grows bigger, glows brighter, and never fades.

This growing desire constantly revitalizes a person, so he stays as active and relentless as a child throughout all the years of his life. During the 70 or so years of his life, he will never fade away. And moreover, he will not feel any loss at the death of his physical body, but will see it as a leap to a higher degree with regard to his desires and his soul.

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