New Study Shows Brains Develop In The State of Chaos

rav-arvutIn the News (from University of Cambridge): The human brain lives “on the edge of chaos,” at a critical transition point between randomness and order. It might be operating in a self-organized critical state – the brain can spontaneously organize itself at a point on the edge of chaos between order and randomness. This point at the edge of chaos allows neurons to jump quickly between different states enabling them to alter behavior as necessary, allowing humans to respond quickly to the environment around them.

Due to these characteristics, self-organized criticality is intuitively attractive as a model for brain functions such as perception and action, because it would allow us to switch quickly between mental states in order to respond to changing environmental conditions.

My Comment: When a person is on the spiritual path, these states are especially vivid: one constantly goes from chaos, confusion, and uncertainty to clarity and confidence.

In Hebrew, the word for evening – Erev, originates from the verb Learvev – to mix. Thus, when one is in the state called, “evening,” the clarity that one felt before turns into uncertainty, confusion and then a total lack of understanding, which is the state called “night.” This is exactly the state when a person is internally preparing for new possibilities and new attainments. It is similar to when our physical bodies rest before a new workday.

In Aramaic, which is opposite to Hebrew, the word for “night” is Orta, which comes from the Hebrew word Ohr – light. This shows that the “night” is also light, but its light is opposite to the Light of day. Therefore, the states of confusion, chaos and uncertainty are necessary in order for one to systemize information and gain deeper awareness of it.

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