Being Chosen Is Not The Same As Being Superior

withoutA question I received: It’s possible that the Jews were the chosen people at one point, but I doubt this is still so. How are the Jews any better or worse than the other nations? This kind of thinking would be a display of egoism, wouldn’t it? Sure, you can quote the Torah, but the Torah also says that the Arabs were chosen by G-d, and G-d also promised to multiply them as the stars in the sky and put them above other nations. And we do see that they have multiplied as the stars and they also own oil.

My Answer: To be chosen means to be responsible for passing onto the world the method of the world’s correction – the science of Kabbalah. It does not mean to be superior to anyone. See Baal HaSulam’s articles, “The Revelation of Godliness (Matan Torah)” and “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee).”

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