The Smart Way to Go Through Life

feedA person loses the actual concept of death immediately after crossing the Machsom, because the fact is, death doesn’t exist! Death is the feeling of emptiness inside our egoistic desires; it is when we find out that these desires will be empty forever. Therefore, if a person feels completely empty, he finds it easy to take his own life, since it is nothing but suffering for him.

Thus, the most important thing is to realize that there is no fulfillment inside the egoistic desires – and there never will be. However, it is possible to receive fulfillment inside the desire to bestow, and moreover – this fulfillment will be eternal and perfect.

No matter how hard a person works to fulfill his egoism, it’s all in vain – it’s like trying to fill a container with holes in it. No matter how much money you make or how hard you try to accomplish something, you soon discover that things like money, respect, power or knowledge all go away, disappear, leaving you with greater emptiness and disappointment.

The whole world is beginning to realize that money, fame, power, and all other competition will never bring good results. The only useful conclusion we can make from our personal experience and the entire history of humanity is that it’s useless to toil for our own egoism. After reaching this conclusion, a person begins to have a sensible outlook and understands that there is nothing to pursue and nothing to wait for. And there’s also no reason to despair: we just have to grasp the correct, real picture of the world. We have to recognize that the world is developing in a new way, where we are offered the highest opportunity – eternal fulfillment.

A smart person will not get himself into a deal that will leave him disappointed ten years down the line. Rather, he will see everything through beforehand and will carefully choose another, more correct path. Thus, we have to explain to the world that there is a short and easy path to the goal of creation. This will save everyone from unnecessary and lengthy suffering, which will end up bringing us to the same goal anyway.

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