Losing The Ability To “Think Clearly” Is A Natural Part Of The Growth Process

creationQuestions I received on Kabbalah’s relation to African religions, people with mental disorders, and more:

Question: Is it possible to study Kabbalah and at the same time study non-European religions, or are some conditions necessary? I practice such religions as Santeria, Voodoo, and other African religions.

My Answer: It doesn’t matter what you do. Keep studying Kabbalah, and the truth will be revealed to you.

Question: You are disclosing Kabbalah to women and children, but you categorically cut off people with severe depression and “mental deviations.” Of course, Kabbalah is counter-indicative for a particular portion of people with mental illnesses, but among people with mental disorders, there are some for whom Kabbalah could be a remedy, like LSD in the 60’s. I think the psychiatrists and psychologists among your students, whom you trust, could work out a special program of studying Kabbalah for the right candidates from this category.

My Answer: But if even one incident of regular relapse were to take place, Kabbalah and I would be the ones blamed for it!

Question: If a person who studies the science of Kabbalah begins to lose his keen perception, the part of his consciousness called “thinking clearly,” can he continue to study Kabbalah or not?

My Answer: This is a normal state for a person who is making the transition from one degree to the next in the process of attainment. And in fact, this always happens in the process of growth: the past vanishes and is replaced by new content, which is more qualitative.

Question: In spite of the broad dissemination of the Kabbalah campuses, will there be some limitations on the admission of people to the daily lessons of the main groups?

My Answer: No.

Question cont’d: What if there are more people willing to study than the space can hold?

My Answer: Then we will rent more space!

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