Another Step Toward Global Awareness

freeIn the News (translated from More and more politicians and economists are recognizing that the global crisis needs a global solution. Mr. Gavriil K. Popov, the former mayor of Moscow, has said that we must begin moving toward global peace and prosperity by establishing a World Government.

This governing body would be formed by a global vote and would consist of all nations. It would assume control over all the world’s nuclear weapons, space technologies and natural resources.

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  1. Are we the Creator/Creature? No separation, only the illusion of. it.Fractals/Holigrams yet all one.
    If so why have we forgotten who we are? For the pleasure of writing our own novel?, Alls well that ends well. Teilliard de Chardin- The Phenomenon of Man, the Alpha and Omega.
    Are we just playing with ourselves. The purpose of life is to be happy. All for one and one for all. All the worlds a stage and we are all the actors. To feel/realize unconditional LOVE. And another novel starts.

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