We’re Rising On An Escalator Through The Steps Of The Worlds

escalatorToday the world is beginning to rise from below upward. The first sign of this ascent is the revelation of the connection between us – the globalization and integration which are now becoming apparent in our world. With every passing day, this connection will become more evident, more clearly revealed, since this process happens whether we want it or not.

It is as though we are on a rising escalator, going up through the levels of the worlds. At every new level, a new picture becomes apparent to us. The escalator is currently moving at a speed called “in its time” (Beito). And even though it seems to us that the changes in the world are occurring extremely fast, the fact is, this is only the beginning.

Until now, the world did not ascend; it merely changed within the framework of our egoism, which increased from one generation to the next. Now, however, we are seeing that our egoism is becoming more interconnected – we are already seeing a system of egoistic connections between all the people in the world. However, we’re not yet fully aware of this connection. And in fact, we will find that we are incapable of being connected – this is the truth about us. This is how the spiritual world becomes revealed to human beings.

We have to understand that the spiritual world, which is now being revealed, connects all of us. With each passing day, it is becoming more pronounced and menacing, since we do not match it. Our incongruence with the spiritual world will only continue to increase, until the pressure of great suffering will force us to agree to bring ourselves into congruence with it.

Kabbalists tried to tell us about these processes so we would see the “steps” by which we are ascending now, like on an escalator, into the next dimension: the Upper World. We have no other choice – we are already on the escalator.

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