What Should Be Done With Countries That Won’t Comply With The Law Of Global Coexistence?

man2A question I received: The G20 summit is coming up. Let’s suppose they will hear our message and accept the principle that “All of humanity is one family.” In this case, what should we do with the “bad apples” who don’t want to comply with this principle yet? For example, what should we do with Ahmadinejad? Elect someone else or try to reeducate him? After all, as long as any part of the organism refuses to accept the law of the mutual guarantee, the whole organism suffers.

My Answer: By examining our body, we see that the organism isolates any part that’s harmful or foreign. It places that part into a “sac,” increases the temperature so it will die, and then extrudes that harmful or foreign part. If the whole world isolates a country or a block of countries, they will not be able to survive, and they ’ll accept the law of global coexistence.

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