We Pay Maaser When We Start To Desire Spiritual Development

How Does One Pay Maaser?Questions I received on the Maaser:

Question: Is it possible to cross the Machsom without paying Maaser?

My Answer: No.

Question: Do we correct ourselves during the initial period of study, when we do not contribute the Maaser?

My Answer: Yes, but only at your first preparatory stage. Kabbalists never accepted students who refused to follow this condition. After all, no matter how much a person tries, Malchut, the tenth Sefira, becomes corrected only when a person gives away to others one tenth of what belongs to him.

Question: Do new students who are in their first year of studies also need to give the Maaser? When should a person begin to pay the Maaser?

My Answer: One should begin to pay the Maaser when he begins to understand that he desires spiritual development. A person will not advance without making efforts. Maaser is the tenth part of the desire, which can only be corrected this way, by being given away.

Question: I have a question about the Maaser. I am a 13 year-old boy who is studying Kabbalah at your center. I do not yet earn any money and I cannot ask my mother to pay the Maaser because she does not study Kabbalah. Besides, my mother has no job. What is the solution for someone who cannot pay the Maaser? I support the center by disseminating, but the problem is, I cannot pay the Maaser because I cannot afford to.

My Answer: Only a person with his own personal income is obligated to pay Maaser. Whoever does not have a personal income has no right to pay it.

Question: If I give away 10% of my income for the dissemination of Kabbalah, will I go hungry?

My Answer: Well, have you ever really tried it?

Question: Can a person who lacks financial resources study Kabbalah?

My Answer: The study of Kabbalah is not contingent on any financial investments. All of our study materials are available on our website for everyone free of charge!

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  1. Due to the economic crisis the company I work for has not been able to pay us regular due to the flow of business. But I also agreed to make sure other employess get paid prior to me. My husband does not study Kabbalah put when I get paid expect a certain amout of funds to be contribute to the household. Whenever I do get paid would I give the Masser of 10% first or contribute to the househould as asked by my husband first. I have been battling this for awhile not giving the Masser what should I do.

  2. Maaser is a form of tithe. Tiths existed (and still exist) throughout history in many cultures. Today they can still be found in the form of church taxes, mainly in Europe.
    What is wrong about Maaser form my perspective is:
    1) it should not be connected to spiritual advance. The creator does neither award nor punish, hence giving maaser for spiritual advancement doesn’t make sense. By the same logic, giving more maaser should result in faster spiritual advances. Hard to believe to say the least.
    2) Since BB does not charge for any of its materials, classes, events,…it can be considered fair to ask for donations. However, people should be free to give whatever they want.

  3. Paying 10% would bring the bailiffs to my door and maybe ruin my marraige, as my wife is not into Kabbalah. I want to contribute but if I only give 5% for the time being, is this cheating and does it count as maaser?.

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