The Mathematics Of Spiritual Qualities

the-reshimot-surfacing-today-demand-spritual-ascent-of-all-humanityA question I received: How should we interpret Baal HaSulam’s mathematical equations, and numerical operations such as addition and multiplication that he uses? I will give three examples:

1) HATEVA = ELOKIM, i.e., 86 = 86 (from the article “The Peace”)
2) 2 х EKЕ = МB, i.e., 2 х 21 = 42
3) МХ + HAKAL = MAKOM, i.е., 48 + 138 = 186 (both examples are from your morning lesson on Talmud Eser Sefirot).

I can understand the first example: it means that the essence of these two objects is the same. But what is the meaning of the “sum” of two spiritual qualities, or a quality “multiplied” by a number?

My Answer: These operations refer to the combination of qualities between two spiritual objects or two states of one object, as well as their result. For example, they might refer to you in two different states or you in connection with someone else.

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