Art In the New World

artA question I received: At the Congress, while answering a woman’s question, you said that sometimes, when a person begins to study Kabbalah, he loses interest in his profession, especially if it’s a creative profession that involves making movies, music, art, and so on. I write songs, but recently I realized that I don’t want to do this anymore, even though this work used to be the meaning of my life. Why does this happen?

My Answer: It’s because you have revealed something that’s more important in life than art. Now you have to combine Kabbalah with your former occupation: create movies, music, or art about attaining the meaning of life, unification, one’s inner search, and so on.

Actually, everyone in our world will have to bring their occupations into harmony with the new state of the world and the revelation of the Creator. And if someone is unable to do this, it means that their profession has no future.

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