The European Union Should Try The Kabbalistic Technique Of “Faith Above Reason”

Kabbalists Aren't Interested In History

In the News (translated from The global financial crisis has forced the Germans to reconsider their role as the European Union’s milk-cow. The new German egoism can become a serious threat to European integration. “We are not planning on helping everyone,” said the German Minister of Finance, Peer Steinbrück, “Everyone has to take care of himself.”

My Comment: If the EU starts uniting precisely in this situation, if it becomes similar to the global design of the world, it will come out of the crisis faster than the rest of the world. Kabbalah calls this technique, “faith above reason,” which means that you act in spite of your illusory egoistic judgment, making actions toward union and bestowal.

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  1. Does making any action towards union and bestowal – in times where it doesn’t seem profitable to the individual – constitute an act of faith above reason?

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