Our Thoughts Can Change Everything (Even Israel’s Water Problem)

israels-waterIn the News (from Life in Israel BlogSpot):A charlatan or the real thing?” Oren Zarif [an Israeli psychic] sent a letter to the Ministry of Infrastructure offering his services to help fill the Kineret with rain water. His only condition is that they stop all weather broadcasts for the period of the month in which he will be doing his work [because when millions of people watch these forecasts daily, they influence nature with the power of their thoughts].

My Comment: We influence Nature (the Creator) with the power of our thoughts. This is how we intervene in the Plan of our development, and in return we receive the same influence we caused and altered.

If all of us together direct our thoughts toward goodness, we will change our fate. Right now every person thinks in his own favor, against others; therefore, our thoughts don’t converge into one, good thought, but evoke mutually destructive consequences.

In other words, Nature’s (the Creator’s) Plan for our development is neutral in and of itself. It’s us who improve and accelerate, or, on the contrary, delay and worsen Its influence on us with our desires, thoughts, and intentions. Our entire choice lies in choosing which path to take: the short and good path, or the lengthy and evil one.

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