Anti-Semitism Is Caused By Human Nature

The Source of All the World's ProblemsIn the News: (from BBC): According to a new BBC World Service poll across 21 countries, Iran had the poorest average ratings of the countries people were asked to rate… The largest number of countries – 19 out of 21 – give negative ratings to Israel. The two exceptions are Americans (where slightly more are positive) and Russians (who are divided). On average, 51% in countries polled say it is having a negative influence…

In the News (from The Jewish Week):Worldwide Anti-Semitism At Alarming High, Post-Gaza” The resumption of Israeli-Hamas fighting this week comes at a time of increasing Antisemitism around the world… “It has been the worst we’ve ever seen,” said Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League … there are calls for the a boycott of Jewish-owned businesses in Italy, Turkey, South Africa and Venezuela. This is reminiscent of the Nazi days.

My Comment: People’s negative attitudes to Jews and Israel will keep getting worse as the crisis becomes more severe. The only way to put an end to Anti-Semitism is to reveal to the world the means to come out of the crisis – the means to correct man’s nature and unify humanity through the study of Kabbalah.

What provokes people to attack the Jews is the fact that the Jews have this teaching. And even though none of the Jews or anyone from the nations of the world understand the true reason for Anti-Semitism, thinking that the reason is the Jews’ non-acceptance of Christianity (meaning, they think it’s on the level of religion), Kabbalah explains that the reason for Anti-Semitism is human nature, which is egoistic and hates correction.

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