Nazism Is Back In Germany

nazism is backIn the News (from Times Online):Neo-Nazi violence on the rise in Bavaria” New figures from the German interior ministry show that neo-Nazi violence rose 30% last year, with a total of 11,928 incidents… Horst Seehofer, the conservative minister-president of Bavaria, said the right-wing extremist violence has reached a “new dimension.”

My Comment: The laws of nature are unchangeable, and they dictate that in all the developed countries, capitalism has to be followed by Nazism (Fascism). And this will bring about a third world war unless we start correcting our egoism to the quality of bestowal and love before this happens.

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  1. The neo-nazis in Germany are a symptom of cultural trends towards grouping together in herds of like-minded egoistic and sadistic hate. These young people in Germany are no different than people in other places. Reaching them through the klis, churches, synagogues, and mosques in Austria and Germany is no less important than reaching young Muslims who might be apt to get sucked into the extremists world of violent hate.

    If capitalism is followed by facsism or socialism, the future does not bode well for mankind. A half-millennium of capitalism has brought humans lives unimaginable in any prior era. (Not that it is all good…) Freedom for common people to aspire to use their intelligence to ensure their well-being without inheritance of wealth is fundamental to capitalism. Capitalism practiced with love of the Creator burning in one’s soul and life brings wealth for all who share in it, and not just monetary wealth. One must only learn to share it! And that ain’t easy my brother, my sister. is it? Arvut! Lechaim!

  2. Yes

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