Get Through the Night, and Welcome the Dawn

Get Through the Night, and Welcome the DawnA question I received: I have a question about that period just before going to sleep and the importance of reading or listening to something inspirational. I have often heard the phrase, “Passing the night guards safely.” Who are these night guards? What happens to us when we fall asleep?

My Answer: In spirituality, falling asleep is when one gradually loses the clear perception of the Upper Light. In Hebrew, “evening” comes from the word Erev, to mix. Hence the phrase “evening descends onto man” refers to the mixing of Light and darkness. A person is no longer clear on the difference between the Light and the darkness, and he gradually submerges into the night – the absence of the Upper Light. Hence he is unable to correct his desires.

This is a state, because there is no time in spirituality, and it is necessary in order for new, uncorrected desires to be revealed in a person, as well as the desire to correct them. When one is in the state of darkness, but he desires to start correcting his new desires, this is called “morning.” This is when love and bestowal (which seemed as darkness before, in the new uncorrected desires) start surfacing and one feels that they are good, and he desires them. This is the dawn!

Once a person fully corrects all of his desires, then the entire darkness of our world, of every state in it, will turn to Light. He will understand that it has always been this way, but like a bat, he could not see Light. Then there will only be daytime, without the night.

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