Equality and Brotherhood Are the Means of Attaining Spirituality

arvutThree questions I received on the group and virtual connections:

Question: We’ve learned that all of reality is inside us and it’s our desires that make it seem as if everything is outside of us. In addition we learn that it’s necessary to reach love for one’s neighbor, the way we love ourselves. So why do I have to achieve this only with my group that studies Kabbalah? Why not do it with all my other desires too, with the whole world?

My Answer: It’s because, as Baal HaSulam and Rabash write: “Love thy neighbor” is talking about those who are close to you according to the spiritual goal, the people who are going toward the mutual guarantee together with you.

Question: Right now we have a virtual group in Israel as well as other virtual groups in the world Kli. Will everything between us become virtual, including our connections, which will happen through the Internet? Is everything moving toward the unity of the “virtual” Kli, which works together in order to unite?

My Answer: The virtual in our world (in egoistic relationships) will turn into unity in the Upper World (in the relationships of mutual guarantee, love).

Question: Considering all the descents and ascents that happen in the group, what should be the correct group structure for the fastest possible attainment of spirituality?

My Answer: Equality and brotherhood, for the sake of union with the Creator (attainment of the property of bestowal and love).

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