Kabbalah Is All for Free Love!

Kabbalah Is All for Free Love!Report: One of our newest discoveries is the ability to directly affect the heart function of millions of people! In a newly published academic paper, computer scientists in the U.S. have shown that pacemakers can be hacked. Moreover, the results of such hacking can be potentially lethal.

My Response: If only people would recognize that they have a direct impact on each other’s souls and destiny! Then how would they behave? Would they live in total fear of inflicting harm on one another, or on the contrary, would they try to inflict as much harm as possible to anyone they could? Or, would they try to reach an agreement for everyone’s safety? We still haven’t been able to recognize that we are completely dependent on one another, and as such, our only solution is to achieve absolute love! So why aren’t we discovering our mutual dependence, when it’s precisely how we are all connected? We aren’t discovering it because it would force us to love each other. Love, however, needs to be free, unconditional – independent of its outcome, return or response … Love needs to be free!

Lecture: Unconditional Love

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