Things Will Be Bad. Very Bad!

Things Will Be Bad. Very Bad!“Things will be bad. Very bad!” These are the opening words of a front page article in Haaretz, an Israeli newspaper for intellectuals, businessmen and politicians, read by the upper, educated class of the Israeli society. The basis for this statement is the widely recognized situation in the financial world.

My Response: According to the science of Kabbalah, finances are the basis of humanity’s entire egoistic activity; they are the value, the measurement and the means to compare all connections and powers in a human society. Nature operates us in our physical desires (i.e. those that our bodies demand): food, sex, and family. As egoism evolved, social desires emerged: wealth, power, fame, and knowledge. In other words, all of our social relations are based on and measured by wealth (money, finances). We can’t imagine what our lives would be like if this common value were to be disrupted. However, one day we will have no choice but to replace it with a different value: everyone working for the benefit of others, and in return, receiving a normal life in the body, and unity with the Creator in spirit. Such a transformation cannot be accomplished with our own strength, but only through a comprehensible revelation of the Creator.

Nature shows us the harmony that prevails in it and the complete bond that exists between all of its parts. Human society must become just like that.
The idea of collective awareness must be willingly accepted by everyone. And for this reason, there is yet much suffering that will hit the world, and there is no easier path to maturity than the path of Kabbalah.

Baal HaSulam, “The Future Generation”

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  1. Bankers say about the financial crises, that the problem is not due to any failures inside the markets, but due to the loss of confidence of market participants. Is that what the whole crises is about, that people just lost confidence into what ever fills their egos?

  2. Freedom from Darkness and Chaos:
    We live in dark times; but life is so utterly full of hope… hope is everywhere.
    Witness the fruit of history coming into bloom… and lay claim to the beauty of its accelerated progression, the speed with which actualized destiny approaches.
    Behold this beauty in your mind and spirit, and dedicate these first fruits of perception to the Divine.
    As the wise say of the fruit tree; “the sweeter the fruit, the more bitter its proceeding blossom.”  
    And so as dark times arise, find satisfaction in the dawning of a more enlightened time. Egotistical paradigms will erode, creating space for the refined spirit of man, the restored dignity of the individual spirit & love and care for the collective. 

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